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Square Shoe Photography

    Always Aspire To Be Better Than Normal



Progress and Change

Posted on 10 October, 2016 at 18:55

Well hello there

Here we are again, another life decision to be made and another road to travel down.

Many years ago, I completed my freelance journalism course, and here I am now as a contributor to Bay News of the Area.

Photography is still a huge part of life for me and will always be.

I am enjoying this new road in my life and am meeting the most extraodinary people with amazing stories and life experiences to share.

Sports reporting certainly wasn't a topic I thought I would ever report on, but, I found my comfort zone and stepped right out of it, so long as I can ask the questions and record accurately, there is no need to be an expert on every topic.

That's for now, 

and as always, Always remember to aspire to be better than normal.

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