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Value of a pro photographer

Posted on 6 September, 2016 at 4:30

Well hello there ...

it was pointed out to me recently that people do not value pro photographers anymore due to the amount of people with mobile phones with cameras.

Whilst I agree, and also acknowledge the improvements being made with the capabilities of these devices, for me, I liken it to flour, I am a lousy cook, infact I dislike cooking immensley, no amount of super refined and refined some more flour can result in a delicious cake by me - that's a fact.

My point being, there are some qualities that you simply cannot purchase, I shot a family re-union earlier this year, the background was checked, there were no shadows, or distractions or things growing from people's heads.

I saw a friend post an important four generation image yesterday on facebook, taken on a phone camera.  Four generations, quite an important image really.  However, there are so many things in the background, such as cool bags, pram, drinks, one part has a room divider and the other side is very messy and distracting.

The quality of the image, as in sharpness and clarity is fine, but would you hang it on the wall?  Doubt it, bit like my cake, would I serve it to anyone?  Doubt it.  

And that is where the true value of hiring a pro comes in, a piece of wall art, an heirloom could have been created and hung with pride, instead it has  some likes and comments on facebook and that is where it will stay, and at some point no doubt forgotten - what a shame.

The problem photographers face today, is the perception of value of hiring a photographer, you simply cannot replicate on a phone camera the quality and flexibility that you can when you are using equipment worth thousands of dollars and what value is put on the knowledge and training the photographer has?

And on that note, I shall bid you goodnight.

As always, Always Aspire to be Better Than Normal


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